Privacy Policy

The privacy policy explains our policies of the collection regarding content, disclosure, and transfer of the information by Techslow. Which transfers to various sub-sites of the Techslow. The privacy policy applies to all websites and services offered by the site.


We use cookies almost all of the pages in the website because to improve the user experience and give efficient responses to the user. We don’t know who you are, even if we send a cookie to your PC or Laptop it cannot collect any of the data. It only collects the information which you send to us. Our advertisers may assign some of their own cookies to the user’s browser which we cannot control over it. We only receive and store the data whenever you interact with us through our forums and comment sections.


The content which shows on this website is only technical, web development, and latest updates related to windows OS, Internet, etc… We daily post new and fresh content as possible we can.

We post about various windows errors, the configuration of the latest products, Reviews of new products, etc… we mainly focus on the errors and configurations because of large search results on the internet. We cover most of the topics so the user can find their particular topic easily on this website.

Clear GIFs

Techslow may use clear GIFs, this allows us to track the usage of the User in an incognito manner which the user may not know we are using it. We also use clear GIFs in the emails to know which emails are opened by the user. It also measures the location of the traffic coming to our website.

Contact details

You are always welcome to contact us to give us appropriate feedback on our website. You can touch with us via our email. We will respond as possible we can.


The media that we upload on this website is safe. We may upload some images and Videos from the various sources. We will remove if the users experience it as inappropriate. The images that we own are not usable to other websites unless our permission which may cause serious actions. The visitors to this website may download, extract, and use the images for the personal practices besides this reason we may take the severe response.

Without our permission, no image can be reusable to another website. We strictly stick to our rules and policies.


Whenever the user leaves a comment on this website we collect the data show in the comment box, and also we collect the visitor information i.e. location via IP address and some strings to help spam detection.

If any of the spam created to form the user email may send to some services to check if you are using it. After you comment on this website it undergoes some security check after approval your comment appears on the page.

Your comments are very important to us so keep commenting on our posts. This lets us know the errors and recommendation improvements. We react to your comments as possible we can. Visitor comments may check from our automatic spam detection service.


If you are younger than 17 years, we will ask you for permission to share your personal information before we share.

Website Popups or Notifications

We send notifications to the user emails regarding our latest posts and updates. These notification services are only available for the subscribers of our newsletter. We have no control over the notification services as it is only controlled by your browser. We don’t store any of your personal data by the notification services. You can unsubscribe to our newsletter whenever you wish to stop the notification services.

Policy changes

We make minor changes in this privacy policy consequently, so we recommended the user to check the privacy policies periodically. If we change any policy we ping a notification to the user and on the main page before we take in the action of the policy.


Ads shown in our site may deliver to the user by our advertising partners. The adept advertising partners may use some cookies. These cookies help to track the user from where and when they click on their ad. The privacy policy doesn’t cover the use of cookies by the advertising partners.

User Rights and Privacy

  • According to internet governance, you have some right to request:
  • To remove the personal Data
  • Correction of the data, incomplete data, and out of date.
  • Access to the personal data that we store.
  • We stop using the data if you object to it.
  • You can request to transfer your data to various providers.
  • If you want to exercise the rights you can directly contact our manager via email.