Slide show of the wallpapers is very beautiful for the lock screen. In this Windows 10 guide we will show you how to do ENABLE WINDOWS 10 SLIDESHOW it.

How to Set Up a Wallpaper Slideshow in Windows 10

Creating a slideshow is easy just you want to collect them in a single folder. Copy all the wallpapers in a slideshow folder that you want to cycle. You can also use the OneDrive to create the slideshow folder. Make sure that all the images are synced across devices.

How to Setup an Image Slideshow in Windows 10 Laptop & Desktop


Follow the steps to create slideshow wallpaper:

  1. Click on the action center.
  2. select on the settings option.
  3. Click on the personalization settings.
  4. Select the background located left side of the pane.
  5. Under the Background use the drop down button to select the slideshow.
  6. Click on browse.
  7. Navigate to the slideshow folder and click on choose this folder.
  8. Choose time to change the wallpaper using drop down button.

Once you complete the steps, windows 10 will automatically change the wallpapers that you set a time. The above steps are for when charge is plug into your laptop.

How to Enable Slideshow When Charge is Not Plugged in

When you plug off the charger there is no change in wallpaper although in one hour. This is due to power saving of the battery of your laptop. Your laptop stops all the unnecessary animation while the charger is plugged off because of less use of battery. By default, of the windows 10 OS stop all the action and features.

You can change the settings to enable this feature. Note, this may cause your battery weak and more consumption in power.

Follow the steps to enable this feature even in un plugged condition:

  1. Right click on the battery symbol located on the taskbar.
  2. Click on the power options.
  3. Click on the change plan settings under balanced condition.
  4. Select change advanced power settings.
  5. Click the + symbol of the Desktop background settings.
  6. Click ON battery.
  7. Choose Available.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click X to close the tab.

After completing the steps, the slideshow of the wallpapers will also runs even in unplugged condition.

Full Detailed Procedure to SetUp a Wallpaper Slideshow in Windows 10

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