How To Find The Internet Explorer On Your Windows 10

Step by step Process Find internet explorer in windows 10. Procedure to enable internet explorer in windows 10

If you are using the windows 10 but you wish to use the old browser on your system but you can’t find it so we are here to help you to find the Internet explorer on your windows 10.

How to Open Internet Explorer in Windows 10

Everybody loves to use the Internet explorer in windows 7, windows vista in past days. But day by day the browsers getting advanced features with new search engines and lot of information to make easy to their user. So Internet explorer is gets decrease their users.

So that Internet explorer is not even to find in windows 10 generation. But lovers of Internet explorer have chance to the Internet explorer to the windows 10 without installation. So follow the below steps to find the Internet explorer on your windows 10.

Activate courtesans by saying “hello Cortana, open Internet explorer” or by type Internet explorer on the search bar. It will automatically open the Internet explorer and ready to use it. If you not want to use the above steps then follow the steps to find it in another way.

How to Find Internet Explorer on your Windows 10 PC

  1. Click on the cortana or search box.
  2. Type Internet explorer in the search box.
  3. Click on the top result

4. Right click on the Internet explorer.

5. Click on the pin to start.

6. So by these steps you find the Internet explorer on your taskbar for easy to find.

If you don’t want to add the Internet explorer to the taskbar and don’t want to search in cortana so follow the steps to find it.

1. Click on the start menu.

2. Scroll down until you find the windows accessories.

3. Click on the windows accessories folder.

4. Click on the Internet explorer to launch.

So by using above steps you will able to use your old browser on your windows 10.

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