How to insert Subscript or Superscript in Microsoft Word

How to insert Subscript or Superscript in Microsoft Word.Wondering how to do Superscript in MS Word? Whatever the Microsoft version is, you can easily do Superscript on your PC.

Subscript or Superscript

Format text as superscript or subscript in Word. Generally, Superscripts are letters, numbers, and symbols. These are placed right above the word or text. In the same way, Subscripts are numbers, letters, or symbols placed below the text or word. You can perform this operation in MS Word, Excel, and other Microsoft suites.

There are many ways and shortcuts to use the Superscripts and Subscripts. You can use the endnote or footnote tool to insert the Superscript. If you want to check how to insert Superscript using Footnote or Endnote then check out our blog.

By following this guide you can insert superscripts in MS Office 365 i.e MS Word 2010, MS Word 2013, MS Word 2016, and MS Word 2019.

How to do Superscript in MS Word?

By following the given steps you can insert Superscript in Word.

  1. Open MS Word using the start menu.
  1. Now, type the text or equation i.e. X3=Z
  1. Now select the number as on the above case we select 3.
  1. After that, you can see the ‘x2‘ option in home menu.
  1. That’s it you sucessfully created superscrit.

You can also use the Ctrl + Shift + + keyboard shortcut to insert superscript in Windows. On Mac, you need to press Cmd + Shift + +. Select any number or symbol and perform this operation to create a superscript.

How to create Superscript in Word online?

This is a slightly different operation to create a Superscript in Word Online. Follow the given steps to create word online.

  1. Go to google and open the Word.
  2. Type the text and select the character. Example: X2.
  1. Now navigate to menu.
  1. Select the ‘…’ dots i.e. more font options.
  2. Now click Superscript.
  1. That’s it, the selected character will appear above the text.

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