SSD vs HDD – HDD vs SSD – Solid State Drive Vs Hard Disk Drive Which Is Best To PC

SSD vs HDD HDD is a data storage device that lives inside the computer.solid state drives—because they have no moving parts. In an SSD, all data is stored in integrated circuits.


If you are going to upgrade your storage drive by choosing the best and fast you may have little confusion. We will help you to compare both drives.

In a simple way, the solid-state drive is the static drive which means it has no moving parts and is made up of magnetic tape, they take less space in the CPU or it even fits in the motherboard.

And these are fast compared to the HDD

HDD is the dynamic drive and has mechanical parts inside. Their size is larger than SSD and much slower in read and write


If you are going to build an epic Gaming PC then the best option is to go with for the SSD. Because the speed of the SSD is much faster than HDD. But the storage space is not much as you expected. It will speed up your PC, take less time while booting, take less time to open the applications and the actions are quicker.

Coming to the price, SSDs are cheaper than the hard drives. But if you are building a PC for a purpose and if you want more speed then better to go for the high range SSD.

One of the best features in the SSD is that it will not take more time to boot your system and it will install any game in a couple of minutes so no need to wait.

The lifespan of an SSD is not as much as you expected. Compared to the HDD the lifespan is less. But if you are looking for the laptops, most of the laptops are made by the inbuilt SSD so, you no need to add the extra SSD into it.

Some of the SSDs are more expensive in price, as much they give them more space to your system, speed is comparatively high than the cheaper ones.


In simple words, the HDD is mass storage. They are quietly cheaper than the SSD, but not in the bigger size. If your PC is filling with more games, files, photos, no problem you can get over 2TB for at cheaper price than SSD.

It may take more space in the CPU or PC case because of their size. But you will add the one or more drives into your PC in pocket of bucks.

The price of the Giga byte is less than the SSD ones, so you can go for the HDD if you are thing for the space to store the data.

Our recommendation:

We recommend you to go for the mixed ones, they will cost you a balanced price and you will get performance, space, thus, have a long life span for your PC.

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