Few Ways To Speed UP Your PC OR Laptop IN Windows 10

Speed UP PC / Laptop : Your Windows 10 computer/laptop might be able to run faster if you tweak certain settings in Windows.

Recently Microsoft released new version of windows 10 to 1809 in 2018. Windows10 has many advanced features and more security patch for give best experience to their users. Also windows 10 is greatly optimised for better performance and gives best visualisation to the users. Far-away some of the users getting many troubleshoot problems about in some patches.

Speed UP PC / Laptop

For personal use, office use, and for gamers the windows 10 is optimised to their use. Day-by-day the burden of the pc or laptop is gradually increasing so surely the pc or laptop get shutter and slowdown its performance.

By these simple ways you can easily fix all the slowdown problems and get more performance.

Speed UP Windows 10

  1. Right click on my computer and select the properties.
  2. Click on the advanced system settings.
  • It will take you to the system properties then click advanced.
  • Click on settings in performance box.
  • Then change it to adjust for best performance.

For more performance follow the steps:

  1. Navigate the mouse pointer to the task bar.
  • Click right button on the battery symbol which is located right side of the task bar or navigate as follows

Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options.

  • Select power option.
  • Click on change plan setting\change advanced power option and customise to best performance.

Note : This method will reduce the battery life so change if you need more  performance.


  1. Navigate the mouse pointer to the taskbar and then right clink on it.
  • Click task manager and close all background processing applications.
  • Click on the startup option and set priority to low or medium if you using that application long then click on end task.
  • Go to details option in task manager and close all third party applications.


Clean Temp Files

  1. Use windows key+r to open command prompt or run.
  2. Type %TEMP% in the run.
  • Delete all the files in the folder.
  • Once again open run and type temp.
  • Delete all the files in the folder.


  1. Open run and type prefetch then click ok.
  • Again delete all the files in the folder.


  1. Open file manager navigate the mouse pointer to the c:\ drive.
  2. Right click and choose properties.
  • Click on the disk cleanup, don’t worry it don’t delete your existing files.
  • It may take up a while but please be patience until it finish.


  1. Open run command and type msconfig then click enter.
  • Click on unhide all the Microsoft and click enter.

If the above steps are working properly then you don’t need to buy new pc or new ram for your laptop.


If your pc or laptop is working slowly and shuttering in game performance you can follow the above steps if also your pc is still shuttering then you need to add another ram in your laptop or in pc.

For upgrading of your ram you need to know your pc or laptop maximum capability. We will show you how to know your pc or laptop maximum ram capacity.

  1. Open browser and type www.crucial.com in search bar then hit enter.
  • Or download cpuz application in your system to know your pc ram capability.
  • Search your pc company name and model in crucial website and it automatically redirect to the configuration website.
  • It shows all your computer capability rams just you to buy online.

These steps will help you to Speed UP PC / Laptop Upgrade your ram so just install it in your pc and then enjoy fast performance.

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