WHEA Uncorrectable Error Fix in Windows 10 | How to Fix it

Fix the WHEA Uncorrectable Error on Windows 10.WHEA Uncorrectable Error Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death Fix in 6 Methods.

whea uncorrectable error

The most common error of Windows 10 is BSODs. Generally, this error occurs when an update is not properly installed or corrupted drivers. The windows will suddenly turn off and shows a blue screen with a sad face. Then, after some time it will automatically boot up.

Some of the Windows BSOD are easy to resolve but a few errors need to repair manually. And these errors are more complicated to fix and troubleshoot. Where WHEA Uncorrectable Error belongs to this category.

In this guide, we will help you to Fix the WHEA Uncorrectable Error from happening again and again.

What is WHEA Uncorrectable Error?

Here, in the below picture you can see the Blue Screen with a sad face and shows WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (Windows stop code 0x0000124). If your PC is showing this error then you are in the right place.

There are several causes for WHEA error but the main problem is a Hardware error. When your hardware component is damaged or corrupted leads to this error. The hardware components like the following:

  • Corrupted Hardware i.e. GPC, CPU, HardDisk, SSD, and etc…
  • Driver Not installed Properly.
  • Heating Issues
  • Corrupted Windows files or registry items.

The above are the main reasons that your windows show the WHEA error message. Mainly, when you overclock the CPU or GPU, you need to be in the preferred voltage. The high voltage may cause the failure of CPU/ GPU and leads to this error. 0x0000124 WUE is the code of this problem. You can learn more about the error at the Dump File where you can find at C:/Windows/Minidump named as .DMP.

By analyzing the error you may get the solution to solve the issue. However, there is no permanent solution for this issue. But, we can prevent it from coming in future use.

How to Fix WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR in Windows 10?

To prevent it from coming in the future use, you will need to solve the hardware issues. Apart from this, you can temporarily stop this error by following the given procedures.

1. Check Hardware of your System

As we said, the WHEA is hardware related issue. So, you need to check your hardware and its functioning. Check your RAM is functioning properly. And, cross-check your cooling system is working perfectly or not. Double-check your GPU and CPU slots and voltage.

If everything is working perfectly then the problem is on the software side. You can easily fix this issue if all the hardware component is working properly. If not then, you need to worry and replace the component with another one.

2. Reset Overclocking of Components

If you overclock your components like GPU and CPU recently! Then, you should be aware of the voltage and heating issues. You need to double-check your motherboard specifications before going to overclock your system components. Anyway, you can reset them easily by entering BIOS/ UEFI.

  1. Reboot your PC.
  2. Whenever the System Logo appears then press the BIOS Menu key of your system (F1 or F2 or F10 or F12 or DEL or ESC).
  3. The BIOS menu will open in front of you.
  4. Now, you need to navigate to the following.
    • Advance>Performance>Frequency/ Voltage.
  5. You can find the overclocking options under this menu.
  6. Click on the Reset button to reset all the overclocking options.
  7. Now, save and exit from the BIOS.
  8. Your system will restart and also solve the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR.


If the above process resolves your issues then no need to make any change to your computer. If the problem persists then do the following process of steps.

  1. First of all you need to go to Command Prompt.
  2. Click on Search and type Command Prompt.
  3. Run the CMD as an Administrator.
  1. Then type the following command
chkdsk /r
  1. Press enter to execute the command. This command will scan your PC and analyse and fix the errors.

4. Check Drivers

You need to check your drivers before doing anything else on your computer. Corrupted installed drivers may lead to the WHEA Uncorrectable Error. Uninstalling the drivers can help you to fix this issue.

  1. Open Settings app on your windows 10.
  2. Go to the Update and Security options.
  3. Click on View Update History option.
  4. You can see the latest installed drivers.
  5. Click on the Uninstall option to uninstall the latest installed driver.

5. Reset Your Windows

Resetting Windows may fix this issue. You need to backup all your important files and folders before resetting your PC.

  1. Go to settings by pressing windows key + I.
  2. Then navigate to Update and security options.
  3. Click on the Recovery option loacted on the left side of the pane.
whea uncorrectable error
  1. Under Reset option, select the Get Started option.
  2. Choose Remove all apps and settings option.

Your system will restart and removes all the files and folders including the setting and latest installed versions of Windows 10.

By doing the above steps you can fix the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR on your Windows 10 PC. If you have any other problems then, comment down below.

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