How To Get out/leave From Windows Insider Program

How To Get out/leave From WindowsInsider Program.If you want to take a break from Windows 10 previews? In this guide, we’ll show you two ways to opt-out of the without losing your files, apps, or settings.Windows Insider Program

Windows Insider Program

This feature is really helpful to both windows developers and the users who are interested in sending the various suggestions and reports about the update.

What is the use to be a member

The member of the Windows Insider Program gets the update early to test if it has any type of bugs and suggestions to improve the update. By being a member the user gets the pre-release update.

The developers have given a great chance who is interested in checking the bugs and to test the feature the Microsoft windows 10 created a feature called WindowsInsider Program.

Many people want to get the latest updates from the Microsoft windows early than they release to the official. But they don’t know how to receive the updates. So we help you to get the latest updates before they release it to the official.

Is it worth to it?

Developers are more interested to develop the windows to the latest updates and some are interested in early access the windows update and report bugs to Microsoft windows 10 developers to increase the stability in the next update. So they are fair to the windows and indirectly help to them.

How to be a member

If you are interested to be a member then follow the steps:

 Follow the steps to be a member

  1. Open the Settings app in your windows 10.
  2. Click on the updates & security.
  1. Click on the Windows InsiderProgram option located left pane.
  2. Now click on the “Be a Member In Insider Program”.
  1. Now sign in to your account.
  2. Click on Next.
  3. It will load a couple of minutes.
  4. Choose an option to be a type of member in the WindowsInsider Program.
  5. Click on the Next.
  1. Now select the type.
  2. Fast: you will receive the pre-release update from Microsoft Windows 10 but it may dangerous because it may have bugs but you can send the report to the developers to find the bugs and improve the update before its release.
  3. Slow: you will receive the pre-release update slowly but it will not as much dangerous as a fast type update but it has minor bugs those you can report to the Microsoft windows developer to find the type of bugs to increase the stability before it releases officially.
  4.  Click on Next.
  5. It will load some time and asks you to download some type of data.
  6. After completion, it will restart automatically to enter into the Windows Insider Program.

Once you have completed these steps you are been a member of the Windows Insider Program and you will start receiving the updates before it releases globally.

Note: this option is available in only Windows Insider Program supporting OS so this option is not available to all the users in windows 10.


If you are not interested to be a member of the windows insider program and not interested in getting the latest pre-release updates then you will quit from the Windows Insider Program. Follow the steps to quit from the Program:

  1. Open settings app.
  2. Click on the update and security.
  1. Click on the WindowsInsider Program left side of the pane.
  2. Click on the Stop Insider Preview Builds button.
  1. Now click on confirm.
  2. It will load a couple of minutes.
  3. Click on the restart button.

After restarting you will no longer a member of the Windows Insider Program. So you won’t receive any pre-release updates from Microsoft.

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