How To Stop/Cancel XBOX Live Gold Subscription

How To Stop/Cancel XBOX Live Gold Subscription. Gamers can truly benefit from an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Cancel XBOX Live Gold Subscription

Xbox Live Gold subscription is really beneficial for gamers. It is not possible to play all games without paying money, especially for budget gamers. So, the Xbox provides a subscription where the gamers can play any game (within the subscription list) for some time.

The gamers can really save some cash by purchasing the Xbox live gold subscription. Subscribers can add friends, earn achievements, access over 100+ games, gaming online, and more.

Here are some free Xbox live features and Xbox Live Gold features:

Free Xbox live Subscription:

  • Add friends
  • Earn aceivments
  • Send messages
  • Beta access for games
  • Xbox game market
  • Access apps Netflix, Edge, Skype and more.

Xbox Live Gold Subscription:

  • Play games online
  • Premium access for demos
  • Play 2 to 4 free games every month
  • Extra 50% discount on game purchases

Generally, Xbox Live Gold subscription costs $9.99/ month. The subscription grants to access over more than 100 games online on both PC and console. The hardcore gamers and nerds may take the gold subscription. But there is no need for low-end gamers.

Xbox live gold subscription

If you are searching to stop the Xbox Live Gold subscription because of some reasons, in this guide we will show you how to stop or cancel the Xbox Live Gold subscription.

XBOX box live gold subscription gives you many benefits and full access to all features. You will get amazing deals and offers including exclusive benefits. It includes discounts in buying games, access to multiplayer, free deals and offers and you will get wide range of free games, including paid games for free. The Xbox Live Gold subscription is truly for the gamers.

How to disable the auto-renew subscription on Xbox

If you are about to cancel the subscription, then you are losing the benefits, discounts, wide range of offers and free games, exclusive benefits and all previous services from the Xbox Live Gold. Other features like multiplayer, party chat or team chat, etc… will be disabled from your account. Main thing is the paid free titles of games will be paid by you if you cancel the Xbox Live Gold.

Although you are tied in all of things and you wish to stop then follow the steps to cancel the Xbox Live Gold subscription.

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Navigate to the search bar and type
  3. Sign into your Microsoft account.
  1. Click on the Xbox Live Gold subscription page.
  2. Click on manage.
  3. Click Off Auto-Renew.
  1. Click confirm cancellation.

Once you completed these steps you will not able to access the Xbox Live Gold features and offers. Although you can buy the Xbox Live Gold on other websites in cheap prices and including more offers.

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